Get the very handy My Glasgow app!

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My Glasgow is a mobile phone app that enables you to report issues to Glasgow City Council.

You can attach photos, video or any other contextual information to your report and pin point the exact location via integration with Google Maps.

Once submitted your report is routed to Glasgow City Council for processing and allocation to the relevant Service Delivery Team.


There are many features to My Glasgow

  • Submit a report.
  • Receive information about your submitted report by SMS, push notification or email.
  • View your submitted reports.
  • Add notes to existing reports.
  • News and events.
  • Search for Council facilities near to your current location.
  • View local information, e.g. council tax bands, planning applications, jobs, etc.
  • Integrated help.

You can submit reports for issues such as;

  • Missed bin collection
  • Broken parking meter
  • Illegal fly posting
  • Parking meter
  • A broken street light
  • Graffiti
  • Pot holes
  • Illegal dumping of waste
  • Dog fouling

To submit a report you must capture certain information.

Select the category of the report.

  • Complete the questions.
  • Capture the evidence, either a photo or video.
  • Enter the location.
  • Submit the report.

If you have any enquiries please contact the ‘My Glasgow’ Team at or visit them at

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