Junction improvements Dumbreck Road/Mosspark Boulevard

Councillor Wilson has been liaising with Land and Environmental Services with regards to the junction improvements. Please find the details provided by  Land and Environmental Services below:

The current junction layout is dominated by vehicular traffic due to nearby slip roads providing access and egress to and from the M77 motorway. The large number of vehicles can be intimidating for pedestrians and cyclists looking to move between the local communities and the green spaces of Bellahouston Park / Pollok Park.

LES Technical Services Sustainable Transport team secured investment to undertake improvements to the current junction layout in order to improve the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in terms of safety and access. The improvements will also help with the Council’s aspiration of encouraging residents to adopt active travel choices for short to medium length journeys. The improvements to the crossing points at the junction of Dumbreck Road and Mosspark Boulevard are currently being undertaken as part of the Council’s cycling strategy. External investment was secured through the charity organisation Sustrans along with additional contributions from Transport Scotland’s Cycling Walking Safer Streets programme and as such this funding is ‘ring fenced’ for the purpose of cycling improvements.

You noted that there is also some concern from local residents that the improvements to the junction of Dumbreck Road and Mosspark Boulevard will have a detrimental impact on local traffic flows and that the removal of the slip road leading from Dumbreck Road to Mosspark Boulevard will further exacerbate this. Traffic modelling undertaken for the junction does not show any major impact on traffic flows.

In addition GCC is aware that Dumbreck Community Council and the Parent Council at Hazlewood School have been actively campaigning for the installation of traffic signals at the junction of Dumbreck Road and Dumbreck Avenue located to the north of the junction of Dumbreck Road and Mosspark Boulevard. The Council has agreed to install new signals at the junction of Dumbreck Road and Dumbreck Avenue subject to available funding allocations in financial year 2017-2018.

Benefits of the Works

  • Improved crossing facilities on Dumbreck Road and Mosspark Boulevard for both pedestrians and cyclists with a reduction in crossing movements on Mosspark Boulevard from 3 stages to 2 pedestrian stages and also an increase in the pedestrian refuge island widths on both Dumbreck Road and Mosspark Boulevard.
  • Improved traffic flow for northbound and southbound vehicles on Dumbreck Road achieved by the removal of the slip lane and associated crossing point on Mosspark Boulevard to allow more “green” time to be assigned to northbound traffic lane on Dumbreck Road. The repositioning of the crossing points on Dumbreck Road leading to Fleurs Avenue will allow the stop line to be moved further south increasing queuing space for vehicles.
  • External investment obtained from Sustrans and Cycling Walking Safer Streets with no direct cost to the Council facilitated the upgrade of aging signalling equipment to allow the junction to operate more dynamically and efficiently. Enhanced connection between communities of Dumbreck, Mosspark, Bellahouston and Pollokshields as well as green spaces at Bellahouston Park and Pollok Park.