If you have a complaint about any aspect of Mosspark and Corkerhill Community Council, how it conducts its business, or otherwise behaves, then your first action should be to contact the Community Council to address your concerns.

In most cases the process is simply to raise the complaint as an agenda item at the next meeting of the community council, where it can be discussed and hopefully resolved. 

To ensure your complaint is raised at the next meeting you need to write to either the Secretary or Chairperson of the Community Council outlining your complaint.  You have a right to attend the Community Council meeting, but it is for the meeting chair to decide whether you will also be allowed to speak at the meeting. 

You would then receive written confirmation from the Community Council to acknowledge when your complaint will be discussed.

Once the Community Council has considered your complaint, you will receive in writing the action taken to resolve the complaint. Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you can raise the issue with Glasgow City Council who then have discretion as to whether to investigate the matter.